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Inspired by the novelist Junichiro Tanizaki’s essay ” In praise of shadows” which is a de-code of the spirit of Japanese beauty, and an analysis of how it is different from  its western counterpart during the early Showa period ( 1920’ s ). A truly insightful perspective that we deeply share and always implement in our activities. Tanizaki who was a patron of the ryokan Tocen Goshoboh ( founded in 1191 ) depicted the inn in his 1936 novel,“ The cat, the man, and the two women” which later became a movie.

Well, then, should we make it upstairs at the Gosho-no-bo again?

It’ll be even nicer now than in the summer. We can see the autumn leaves, have a long, hot bath, take our time over supper―”.

- A mild blend of east and west  -

A base blend of Hojicha ( roasted green tea)  and Wakoucha ( Japanese black tea), jasmine, and sprinkles of gold  leaves

- Best preparation -

3g per cup, 80 degrees celsius,  drink after 3 minutes