Vive o presente e terás paz
Re-discover the magic of a simple afternoon. 

For minutes or for hours, that does not matter. What matters the most is the experience of letting your system slow down while fully being present. And that can even be beautifully attained while sipping some tea and tasting some flavours that translate Arima and Goshoboh’s rich narratives through a multi-dimensional sensory journey. 
Enjoy your two-course Afternoon Tea set quietly at the Tea salon lobby, the terrace or at a private dinning room.
A two-course afternoon tea set composed of terroir inspired sweets and salty food that can be enjoyed with our Boh-Tzia Teas. Other drinks are also available.
A glass of Champagne
Celebration arrangement
Exclusive options
Aroma Therapy treatment before or after the afternoon tea
Hot-spring Bath before or after the afternoon tea
Stay for the night
Please contact us for any further requests.
Goshobessho : +81 78 904 0554