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”Legendary Maki, Geiko of Arima"


Inspired by the story of famous Yuna from Arima, very known in the Kabuki world as “Fuji Musume” or "the Wisteria Maiden".
A legendary diva geisha who lived during the Edo period (1603 - 1868), and who became a symbol of beauty, charm, elegance, and talent. She was the most popular Yuna Geisha in Arima, at only 18, she was known around the country. Men were willing to die for her, but she ended her life for she couldn’t be reunited with the man she loved. Her story became one of the most dramatic yet romantic love stories in japan’s literature.
Even today, her pure beauty and love are still remembered.

* Yuna was the original name for the geisha of Arima that is now called "GEIKO". Yuna were originally oracles who performed spiritual rituals before they became managers of the hot-spring bathing facitiy.

– A strong yet feminine aroma -
Sencha green tea and Bancha tea base with Arima Sansho ( Japanese mountain pepper), anise seed, and subtle notes of vanilla

- Best preparation -

3g per cup, 70~80 degrees celsius,  drink after 3 minutes.

This tea is wonderful when drunk cold,  or mixed with champagne ( 1/3 tea).